blog 4

Honestly, this week’s classes have scared me into becoming a vegetarian for a while.  I haven’t eaten a single piece of meat since reading the Food Safety article Sunday night.  Learning about the conditions of slaughterhouses and actually seeing what goes on behind their doors didn’t bother me, it’s the thought of how my previously conceived notions of a clean food processing system that did.  I have always believed that the meat was free of bacteria and that every part of the process was completely sterile.  Seeing how these pathogens can be transferred during the shipping or processing part bothers me.  The part that scared me the most was when that article mentioned multiple examples of how people are getting sick, even after cooking the meat or treating their food.  I immediately though about our cafeteria and how they never thoroughly cook our food when reading that part of the article.  From this point on, I will always be second guessing if my hamburger or steak was, not only cooked properly, but if there are bacteria inside the thing.

I read an article on  about how scientists have come to think that the sugar we eat should be regulated.  They went as far as saying sugar is as dangerous as alcohol.  The article mentions how our biggest health problem isn’t obesity but the metabolic disorders like diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, and cardiovascular disease caused by sugar, which are.  I agree and disagree with these scientists.  Our society has become obsessed with sugar and it is almost impossible to avoid it in the food we eat today.  The companies who make the food should definitely tone down on the amount of sugar they put in just because it is really unhealthy.  Also, companies with the sugariest (I don’t even know if that’s a word) products target kids in their advertising.  Kids are the last ones who need to be eating large amounts of sugar every day, but I know that is very hard to avoid today.  Schools have been cutting back on the amounts of junk food they are serving/selling, which is a good start, but the real effort has to come from the manufacturers.  On the other hand, I disagree with these scientists because this issue is on a more familial or personal level.  Kids are taught that too much sugar is bad for you in school and parents already know this.  If parents don’t want their children eating a lot of sugar, then they could stop buying soda and junk food for home.  People who care about their health will try to stop eating so much sugary foods and eat healthier.


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